Seussical JR.

8-10 April 2016 @ Banyule Theatre

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Seussical JR.

Seussical JR. takes us into the world of Dr. Seuss, where we visit beloved characters including The Cat in the Hat, Horton the Elephant, Gertrude McFuzz, Mayzie La Bird and Jojo. The Cat in the Hat guides us into The Jungle of Nool where we see Horton, the kind hearted elephant, who discovers a speck of dust where the citizens of Whoville live. Horton decides he must protect the speck of dust on a nearby clover, while at the same time protecting an abandoned egg left to his care by the lazy Mayzie La Bird. Horton tries to convince the other animals in The Jungle of the existence of the Whos but he is ridiculed and put on trial for insanity. Only his loyal neighbour, Gertrude McFuzz, never loses faith in him. Seussical Jr. weaves a story of friendship, imagination, loyalty and love and teaches us the power of being unique, and the important of fighting for your beliefs.

Production Team:

Director/Choreographer – Brad Fischer
Musical Director – Kelly Trenery
Assistant Director – Melinda Gregory
Directors Assistant – Hannah Bailey
Production Manager – Beverley Meldrum


The Cat in the Hat – Darcy Ward
JoJo – Nathan List
HortonElijah Beckitt
Gertrude McFuzzLaura Power
Mayzie La BirdMadi Peake
The Sour KangarooTayla Muir
Mr. MayorAdam Schaube
Mrs. MayorCamille Gerrard

Bird Girls:
Niamh Bearham
Suzannah Bourke
Aislin Newton-Keogh
Ariana Rigazzi
Tyler-Rose Shattock
Karina Smith

Wickersham Brothers:
Henry Cornwallis
Ryan Mangold
Angelo Vasilakakos

Vlad Vladikoff
Ben Harding
Yertle the TurtleMia Paris Scalise

Who Citizens:
Edward Cornwallis
Verity Cornwallis
Molly Dale
Claire Edbrooke
Jessica List
Charlotte McRae
Thalia Osegueda
Georgia Rodda
Kaisha Thompson
Allanahh Xanthos-Stanley

Jungle Creatures:
Sunday Baker
Tahlia Bozinovski
Mia Costa
Mia Decleva
Jaimee Doyle
Jemma Gonzalez
Madison Guerra
Ben Harding
Tehmi Harding
Mia Horozidis
Grace Horsey
Catia Palermo
Mia Paris Scalise
Lacey Shattock
Maddi Steinfort
Charlie Thomas
Chloe Thomas
Isabelle Thornton-Lawrence
Tallulah Thornton-Lawrence

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