Honk! JR.

13-15 August 2010 @ Banyule Theatre



Honk! JR. is a contemporary retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic story, “The Ugly Duckling” and follows the story of an odd looking baby duck, Ugly, and his quest to find his mother.
The musical is set in the English countryside and features a duckling who discovers his inner beauty when he becomes a swan, his tearful mother Ida, a drake who “ducks” his fatherly responsibilities, a gaggle of comical geese, a sly, French tomcat who wants to befriend Ugly so he can eat him, a wisecracking bullfrog, and other barnyard creatures, together with a great many “fowl” puns.
With the main themes of tolerance, prejudice and sibling rivalry, HONK! Jr. is a timeless tale of personal transformation and of an outsider searching for somewhere to belong.


Production Team:

Director/Musical Director/Choreographer – Brad Fischer

Assistant Director/Assistant Choreographer – Carla Gianinotti

Production Manager – Beverley Meldrum



Ugly – Daniel Ridolfi

Ida – Kelly Trenery

Drake – Aidan Puglielli

The Cat – Taylor Branecki

Maureen – Isabelle Gan

Graylag – George Evangelakos

Dot  – Genevieve Woolley

Bullfrog – Tarik Frimpong

Beaky – Alexandra Baker

Fluff – Zoe Chapman

Downy – Millie Leaver

Billie – Tyler-Rose Shattock

Gander – Alicia Cannizzaro

Barnacles – Adriana Dall’Est

Pinkfoot – Chantelle Define

Snowy – Stephanie Salvatore

Turkey – Jessica Aiezza

Grace – Frances McCarthy

Mother Swan – Alexandra Marasco

Penny – Gabriella Margaronis

Maggie Pie – Elise Thorbecke


Emily Bugeja

Kira Coghlan

Emily Defina

Brooklyn De Oliveira

Courtney Grey

Emily McCarthy

Margaret Rivette

Madison Shanahan

Lacey Shattock

Annelise Squarci

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