Bugsy Malone

15-17 June 2012 @ Banyule Theatre



It is 1929 with gangster warfare in New York. Dandy Dan’s hoodlums terrorize the district, exterminating undesirables with their new weapon splurge guns.  His rival is Fat Sam, who runs the Grand Slam Speakeasy, but Fat Sam’s gang still use old fashioned pies.  Fat Sam engages the help of Bugsy Malone, a smooth city slicker who has been more occupied in sweet talking Blousey Brown, a would be singer.  With Bugsy’s help, Fat Sam escapes from a frame up but he learns later that Dandy Dan’s mob have splurged nearly all his gang.  They’ve also destroyed his sarsaparilla and grocery rackets – the whole empire’s gone!  There’s only one hope left.  Fat Sam pays Bugsy $400 in exchange for more help.  Bugsy, who has promised to take Blousey to Hollywood, has to break his date with her.  Meanwhile Bugsy and Leroy Smith, a guy with an awesome punch, witness a secret delivery of splurge guns at Dock 17.  With a bunch of down and outs, they help themselves from the crates.  Then the police arrive, led by Captain Smolsky and Lieutenant O’Dreary.  Bugsy and the gang escape through a trapdoor.  Finally Dandy Dan prepares for a showdown at Fat Sam’s speakeasy.  When his mob burst in, Bugsy and the guys let ‘em have it the works.  Splurge, custard pies, flour bombs…  Out of the gooey pandemonium it emerges that Bugsy and Blousey have made it up. Peace has broken out at last.


Production Team:

Director/Choreographer – Nathan Firmin

Musical Director – Kelly Trenery

Production Managers – Brad Fischer & Beverley Meldrum



Bugsy Malone – Mitchell Taylor

Blousey Brown – Rikki-Lee Burley

Tallulah – Angharad (Annie) Griffiths

Fat Sam – Sam Jobson

Fizzy – Angelo Vasilakakos

Dandy Dan – Robert Hayes

Loretta/Singer/Down & Out – Hannah Bailey

Bronx Charlie/Boxer – Jack Barry

Radio Announcer/Looney Bergonzi/Boxer/Down & Out – Mia Bizzotto

Bangles/Down & Out – Kira Coghlan

The Barber/Reporter #1/Shady/Down & Out – Tori Coghlan

Pop Becker/Butler/Leroy – Liam Crosbie

Erma/Ventriloquist/Down & Out – Adriana Dall’Est

Yonkers/Boxer – Emma De Marchi

Joe the Barman/Boxer – Isabella Fenech

Doodle/Oscar de Velt/Thug #3/Boxer/Down & Out – Ethan Francis-D’Amour

Paper Boy – Hailey Francis-D’Amour

Dummy/Boxer/Down & Out – Ryan Francis D’Amour

Ritzy/Thug #1/Boxer/Baseball Guard #2 – Casee Gazelle

Laughing Boy/Boxer – Max Hayes

Louella/Seymour Scoop/Boxer – Hailey Hugh-Clink

Tillie/Down & Out – Georgia Ingham

Angelo/Boxer/Down & Out – Evelyn Ivy

Velma/Reporter #3/Down & Out – Alexandra Jempson

Flash Frankie/Louis/Thug #2/Boxer/Baby Face – Curtis Kossart

Dotty/The Great Marbini/Down & Out – Pia Lauritz

Benny Lee/Boxer – Eilidh Mirilkis

Lieutenant O’Dreary – Caitlin Oakley

The Violinist – Kathleen O’Reilly

Waitress/Lena Marelli/Pickett/Down & Out – Ariana Rigazzi

Knuckles/Baseball Guard #1 – Daniel Smith

Roxy Robinson/Reporter #2/Boxer/Down & Out – Elise Smith

Snake Eyes/Boxer/Down & Out – Liam Smith

Shoulders/Cagey Joe – Nicholas Vasilakakos

Captain Smolsky – Grady Xanthos



Conductor – Kelly Trenery

Piano – Jack Kirne

Clarinet I – Tom D’Ath

Clarinet II – Pip Hubbard

Alto Saxophone – Sarah Condie

Bassoon – Ashley Nott

Trumpet/Violin – Kathleen O’Reilly

Trombone – Scott van Gemert

Bass Guitar – Ronan Nicholson

Drums – Lindsey Nott


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