5-7 April 2013 @ Banyule Theatre


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13 is a grown-up story about growing up!
When his parents get divorced and he’s forced to move from New York to a small town in Indiana, Evan Goldman just wants to make friends and survive the school year. Easier said than done. The star quarterback is threatening to ruin his life and his only friend, Patrice, won’t talk to him.
The school freak sees an opportunity for blackmail and someone is spreading the nastiest rumours.
With an unforgettable rock score from Tony Award-winning composer Jason Robert Brown, 13 is an hilarious, high-energy musical for all ages about discovering that cool is where you find it, and sometimes where you least expect it.

Production Team:

Director – Brad Fischer

Assistant Director – Melinda Gregory

Musical Director – Kelly Trenery

Production Manager  Beverley Meldrum



Evan –  Jordie Race-Coldrey

Patrice –  Chloe Cini

Archie –  David Youings

Lucy – Rosina Qadri

Kendra – Hannah Bailey

Brett – Andrew Steen

Eddie – James Howe

Malcolm – Riley McCarthy

Charlotte – Demi Mangione

Molly – Stefanie Fazzari

Cassie – Grace Browne

Richie –  Corbin Coombridge

Simon –  Tyla Giles-Watson


Diane – Tayla Little

Ella – Montana Farrell

Amy – Taylor Branecki

Kirsty – Lauren Cole

Karen – Prashanti Middling

Nicole – Ally Jackson

Cherry – Annaliese Branecki

Rachel – Laura Power

Gemma – Casey Mae

Eliza – Annie Griffiths

Maddy – Adriana Dall’Est

Sarah – Lilli Stevens

Meg – Holly Ashburner

Kathy – Elise Smith

Anne – Amelia Botter

Maggie – Caitlyn Barrasso

Betty – Paris Hardy

Jan – Briana McGeary

Vanessa – Emma Bleazby

Emily – Alexandra Jempson

Tanya – Keely Bowker

Cindy – Millie Leaver

Chris – Grady Xanthos


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