Catchment Players present



Banyule Theatre
7th – 9th April, 2017

Production Managers – Georgina Bourke and Beverley Meldrum
Director – Gavin Turnbull
Choreographer – Adriana Dall’Est
Vocal Coach – Kelly Trenery

Disney Channel’s smash hit movie musical comes to life in Disney’s High School Musical JR. Troy, Gabriella and the students of East High must deal with issues of love, friends and family while balancing their classes and extra-curricular activities. The show’s infectious, danceable songs will keep you dancing and bopping in the aisles.

We are requiring a large cast of junior performers aged between 8 (at the time of auditions) and 18 (at the time of performance)

The Jocks
Troy Bolton – Captain of the Basketball team.
Chad Danforth – Basketball team member, friend of Troy’s.
Zeke Baylor – Basketball team member with a passion for baking.
Jason Cross – Basketball team member, eager for Troy to continue his passion for basketball.

The Thespians
Sharpay Evans – Lead in every school musical since kindergarten. President of the drama club and most popular student.
Ryan Evans – Sharpay’s brother. Performs with Sharpay in musicals. Vice president of the drama club.
Kelsi Neilsen – Pianist for the drama club. Composer of the winter musical.
James – An earthworm expressionist. He has the worst sense of pitch.
Cyndra – Overdramatic, operatic soprano.
Susan – Emotional wreck with manly-sounding riffs.
Cathy – Ethel Merman wannabe, with no sense of tempo.

The Brainiacs
Gabriella Montez – The “New Girl” to East High School.
Taylor McKessie – Head of the Brainiacs. She convinces Gabriella to try out for the Mathelites.
Martha Cox – Brainiac, who has a passion for hip-hop.
Kratnoff – Brainiac, who is very much against Martha Cox’s dancing, and “knows everything about everything.”
Jack Scott – News announcer at East High.

The Skater Dudes
Ripper – Head of the skater dudes. Passion for the cello.
Mongo – Skater dude. Rippers’ “sidekick.”

The Adults
Ms. Darbus – Drama Teacher. Dislikes the Jocks and Coach Bolton.
Coach Bolton – Gym Teacher, Troy’s father and coach of the basketball team.
Ms. Tenny/Science Decathlon Moderator- The chemistry teacher.

A large ensemble is required throughout the show to play the student roles. The ensemble will be used and featured heavily throughout.

Please prepare the following:
1 song showcasing your vocal range & acting abilities

Audition Dates:
Wed 2nd November and Thurs 3rd November

Dance Workshop and Callbacks (if required):
Sun 6th November

Audition and Rehearsal Venue:
Catchment Rehearsal Factory
10 Malua St, Reservoir
Melways 18 B6

Please call Brad on 0413 805 155 to book an audition time.

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